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We’re a nimble team, directed by savvy leaders who have well respected and honed skill sets that allow breea to simply deliver better results.


Leadership Team

Drew Yetter

Partner (CEM, LEED AP, Fitwel Amb.)

Drew is a Founding Partner at breea with over 15 years of experience in landscape architecture, sustainable design, and building operations. At breea, Drew definitely sees the forest AND the trees, from advising clients with high-level corporate ESG strategy to diving into a building control system. He also enjoys live music and knows ALOT about plants.

Josh Berengut

Partner (CEM, Fitwel Amb.)

As a Partner with breea, Josh brings a 15-year track record of making the client his top priority – first in financial services and more recently in the real estate sustainability strategy space. With breea, Josh enjoys helping clients set lofty yet realistic sustainability goals, develop strategies to achieve them, and help execute and refine those strategies over time. “When I’m not working hard, I’m either on the hunt for new breweries or taking my dog Stewart on walks."

Ben Clements

Dir. of Technical Services (PE, Fitwel Amb.)

As an expert in base building systems and automation, Benjamin guides clients in developing and implementing energy and water efficiency strategies. With 10 years of construction and engineering experience, he has a knack for quickly determining the feasibility and payback of these strategies. When not working on numbers, he helps on the family farm, enjoys cooking and attempts carpentry projects.

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