The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) has released the official 2023 results for all participating funds and entities.  As one of the leading global frameworks for assessing the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of real estate, GRESB plays a pivotal role in focusing the industry on what investors are looking for.

In 2023, breea’s GRESB clients saw an average 10-point improvement on funds submitting for standing investments. This significant scoring improvement demonstrates breea’s proven strategy for continual GRESB improvement.

breea's GRESB playbook
As an ESG consultant and GRESB Partner, breea’s approach to GRESB involves the development of a long-term strategy focused on continual year-over-year improvement. From creating ESG-specific policies or inking a green building certification strategy, we collaborate with our clients throughout the year to ensure the needle is always moving.

  • ESG Benchmarking: Benchmarking an organization’s ESG performance is critical for establishing a baseline and developing a holistic ESG strategy for GRESB purposes and beyond. The process involves assessing company performance, comparing with peer performance, and identifying gaps and opportunities for market differentiation.
  • GRESB Readiness Strategy: Informed by the benchmarking process, a GRESB Readiness Strategy assesses current performance and low-hanging fruit opportunities for immediate implementation. While first time participants have the option of keeping their GRESB score confidential in year 1 as they learn the ropes, we recommend implementing easy wins before your first GRESB submission so that your organization puts their best foot forward.
  • Continual Improvement Strategy: In our experience, many organizations often wait until ESG reporting season is over in Q4 to act, leaving only a few months to implement opportunities before the next calendar year reporting cycle. This reactive approach typically results in scoring stagnation over time. breea recommends approaching GRESB like any other long-term corporate initiative that has a material impact on your business by implementing improvement opportunities throughout the year and continually refining the strategy in response to market conditions and peer performance.

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We are breea, a boutique ESG advisory company that advises sophisticated real estate portfolios on corporate responsibility and the transition to a lower carbon future. We take great pride in the expertise, responsiveness, and dependable service we provide our clients.