The Fitwel Viral Response Module (VRM) was released for early users last week. This certification provides peace of mind to building occupants by verifying current public health research and recommendations are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Fitwel Viral Response Module- Program Details

  • Implementation: The module can be implemented at the single asset or entity levels (i.e., portfolio-wide). Most required policies and practices simply involve modifications or enhancements to current operating procedures.
  • Timeframe: To encourage rapid adoption, Fitwel provides a six-week review cycle. From start to finish, the certification process takes approximately 10-14 weeks.
  • Certification fees: Certification fees start at $4,200 for a single asset + $200/additional asset if in the same entity (consulting fees not included). Certification fees to increase by $1,000 after November 1st.
  • Scoring: The certification is based on a 1 to 100% scoring system. Scores above 70% achieve certification while scores above 90% achieve certification with distinction.
  • Certification renewal: Annual.
  • Outcome: Fitwel Viral Response Certification & Seal for display on building entrances (see photo above).

In our last blog, we compared the Fitwel Viral Response Module with the WELL Health-Safety Rating. Both standards are very similar in rigor because they were developed from the same evidence-based studies and public health research. However, Fitwel is the more cost-effective and user friendly option.

If you would like to learn more about your options or have any questions, let’s talk.