We have received many inquiries over the last month on available tenant-facing third-party certification options for building health and safety. Two standards are leading the charge: WELL’s Health-Safety Rating and Fitwel’s Viral Response Module.

Developed in response to COVID-19, these annual certifications were designed for rapid adoption across portfolios and are focused on the development and implementation of policies/plans. Both standards are very similar in rigor because they were developed from the same evidence-based studies and public health research. And, while WELL has a reputation for being difficult to achieve and quite costly, give their Health-Safety Rating a look. It was designed for broader adoption.

WELL Health-Safety Rating

  • Certification renewal: Annual
  • Currently available: Yes
  • Categories: Cleaning & Sanitation Procedures, Emergency Preparedness Programs, Health Service Resources, Air & Water Quality Management, Stakeholder Engagement & Communication
  • Scoring: Pass/fail. Must achieve 15 of 21 strategies, no prerequisites
  • Outcome: WELL Health-Safety Rated Certification & Seal for display
  • Certification fees: $875-$1,000/asset with minimum fee of $4,200 (consulting fees not included)

Fitwel Viral Response Module

  • Certification renewal: Annual
  • Currently available: No, launches August 31st for early users
  • Categories: Enhance Indoor Environment, Encourage Behavioral Change, Build Occupant Trust
  • Scoring: Pass/fail. Requires achievement of prerequisites, scoring methodology forthcoming
  • Outcome: Fitwel Viral Response Certification & Seal for display
  • Certification fees: $500 (one-time registration fee) + $3,500 (Annual entity-level certification fee) + $200/asset (consulting fees not included)

Another option is USGBC’s Arc Re-Entry tool that is much less rigorous but could provide some value to projects already pursuing LEED v4.1 certification. The tool requires occupant and facility management surveys and on-site indoor air quality (IAQ) testing, which could be challenging with low occupancy levels. The survey questions reference strategies included in WELL’s Health-Safety Rating program, as both standards were developed by the GBCI. And unlike the options presented above, Arc Re-Entry provides a 1 to 100% score with no tenant-facing certification.

If you would like to learn more about your options or need assistance, let’s talk.